Best Hiking Skirt: How to Find Good Comfort

Woman wearing the Purple Rain Adventure Skirts, field-tested and approved at Grand Canyon National Park.
Written by Kane Dane

Are you aware that wearing the best hiking skirt will allow you to move and stride freely on the trail? If you are an enthusiast hiker, then such is the kind of skirt you need for your next hiking expedition.

As for hiking, trekking and mountaineering are physical exercises, they require an elite outfit that is able to make you comfortable in every condition. A well-designed hiking skirt you can find should be a standout amongst the most indispensable pieces of hiking outfits.

Two girls hiking in skirts

In this article, you will get to know some of the finest hiking skirt models that should be perfect for you. We picked the best 5 models on the market and reviewed them so as to enhance an easy buying decision.

All hiking skirts listed in this article are well known for their breathability, moisture-wicking, speedy drying. The hiking skirts can be worn as alone and also as base layers underneath mid-layer attire.

Product NameWeightMaterialLengthPrice
prAna WUZ05.3 oz95% nylon, 5% spandex12.5 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Kuhl Mova5 oz86% nylon, 14% spandex17 inchesCheck price on REI
Royal Robbins Discovery5.3 oz100% other fibers18 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Columbia SX3815.2 oz96% nylon, 4% elastane17 inchesCheck price on Amazon
REI Northway5.3 oz84% nylon, 16% spandex18 inchesCheck price on REI

Things to Consider Before Buying

Hiking skirts are often available in a wide scope of styles and hues. There are skirts designed with implicit underwear, skirts with inherent shorts, and ordinary skirts. Hiking skirts with no inherent underwear commonly should be matched with additional shorts for ease and comfort.

Hiking skirts nowadays are intended to give a scope of movement and solace in any exercise. Skirt style is in this manner an individual purchasing choice that must be adjusted to the specific need of the person. Here are the major points to consider before buying.

Get the Ideal Cut

The primary component to take note of is cut. Pleated, A-line, or straight cuts are the well-known styles of hiking skirts. Every cut possesses its own particular qualities. A-line skirts are complimenting to most physiques and don’t stick to the legs.

Woman wearing the Activewear-Hiking-Skirts-with-yoga-style

The pleated skirts are viewed as the classic skirt cut for hiking. The kick pleats mean the hiking skirt itself possess more textile. Straight cut skirts do stick to the legs, however, have openings sliced in them to enhance convenient movement.

Settle for a Comfortable Skirt Length

Real producers of hiking skirts will provide distinctive styles in various lengths. They often have the skirt length listed on their site. Lengths are estimated from the abdomen to the skirt base on the middle posterior and typically range from 11-15 inches for almost all styles.

A Perfect Fit Waistband is Necessary

Hiking skirts accompany either banded or elastic waists. Elastic types are always stretchy, which are more comfortable and easier to put on while banded midriffs may have a safer feel. Banded or elastic, waists likewise come in various widths.

Image showing a woman wearing a pair of skirt clothing

Flat yet wide waistbands are viewed as stylish and comfortable by some wearer, however, can be hard for full-figured hikers to wear.

Consider Skirts with Internal Shorts

Most hiking skirts from real producers accompany an inbuilt shorts or pants. Shorts are always recognized as compression shorts or just shorts. The compression shorts allude to the way that they are perfectly sized and like bike shorts in fashion.

Other short types are less firmly sized. Compression shorts typically do not ride up or move around like the other short types. It is critical to precisely read the description when buying hiking skirts with inbuilt shorts.

Settle for the Best Fabric and Skirt Sizes

Fabrics have made some amazing progress from the beginning days of hiking skirts. Nowadays, high-functional polyester fabrics are utilized to keep hikers cool, comfortable and dry. Hiking skirts are still accessible in cotton fabric, however, are not as cooling or stretchy as polyester.

A woman walking while wearing a pair of hiking skirts

Sizing is essential; however, as with all apparel; it changes from one brand to another. Also with the length inbuilt shorts and the skirt, purchasers need to comprehend their own particular midsection and hip estimations so as to discover the best size of a particular model.

A tape for measuring, or even a long string and a ruler, is useful in taking estimations. Midriff estimations are taken within the tightest part of the midsection. Hips are measured all around the fullest section of the midriff. Major stores and brands will have sizing outlines on their sites to help clients when settling on a sizing choice.

Best Hiking Skirts on Today’s Market

Hiking during summer is not as easy as most ladies would imagine, especially if you fail to wear the appropriate clothing. Hiking skirts have gained popularity among women because they allow for easy movement and striding along the trail.

We have prepared the following list of product reviews to help you choose the finest skirts from the numerous brands that flood today’s market.

prAna WUZ0 Britten Skort prAna WUZ0

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Length: 12.5 inches

Specific features: 100% other fibers fabric; 95% nylon/ 5% spandex; snap front waistband; internal jersey short; stretched performance variegated ripstop; belt loops; and back pockets

Best use: Hiking, travel, casual

Description: The prAna WUZ0 Britten Skort is a generally useful lifestyle skirt with functional properties. The stretch ripstop is dampness wicking and fast drying. Throughout the town and throughout the globe, this hiking skirt is incredible for travel and daily hiking.

It would seem like typical style skirt, but the inner shorts add additional functionality. The tough and elastic textile of this skirt makes it feel incredible to move about and even wicks off sweat away from the skin and dries rapidly.

The skort is made of 95% nylon, 5% spandex and other 100% other fibers. The nylon/spandex material used has better insulating properties, resists damage from oil, resilient, easy to wash, better abrasion resistance, and remarkably lightweight.

The prAna Britten skort is available in three colors, including henna, cargo green, and coal for preference and convenience. The designs of each color option are exactly the same. The colors will match greatly with your skin complexion and your surroundings.

The prAna skirt is 12.5 inches long, a few inches above your knees. The length is short enough to allow you to move freely along the trail and in the woods. The incorporated stitching adds elegance to the skirt’s appearance.

Apart from the double-button closure, you can also fit the skirt by wearing an outdoor belt. The skirt has five belt loops; three at the back and two at the front. The fit is snug and comfortable for an athletic body rather than a chubby body.

You will never run short of pockets with this skirt, because it is fitted with four pockets. You have two opened side pockets, and two buttoned back pockets. You can stow your mobile device, camera, and compass, lighter or any other lightweight hiking gear.

The skirt comes with a matching internal jersey short that is the same color as the skirt. You do not have to worry about your underwear being spotted when you slip. The internal jersey short will keep your privates well-hidden from preying eyes.


  • The nylon/spandex fabric is lightweight, strong, and rip-resistant; so, you should not be worried about sharp thickets.
  • Available in three color options (henna, coal, and cargo green) for preference and convenience.
  • Stretch performance pied ripstop that has a low moisture absorbing and wicking finish.
  • Integrated with a matching internal jersey short that allows you to move freely without worries.


  • The skirt’s design is not suitable for chubby bodies.

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Check the price on Amazon

KUHL Mova SkortKUHL Mova Skort

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 5 ounces

Length: 17 inches

Specific features: 5-inch inseam; wide-ranging sizing chart; lightweight, breathable polyester shorts; contoured waistband; one snap-flap side pocket, two back pockets, and a hand pockets

Best use: Hiking, casual wear

Description: The KUHL Mova Skort features extraordinary comfortable and soft KONTOUR textile, which is ideal for various lifestyle activities. You can go to any place and do exercise in this sturdy nylon/spandex flux.

The Inward shorts are made out of breathable, lightweight KONCEALER mesh with an enclosed pocket to safeguard your basic items. This simple draw on style has a customizable drawcord at the abdomen. The external skirt is soft and tough elastic KONTOUR nylon.

Expect maximum comfort from this skirt because of the contoured waistband. You can conveniently adjust your fit with the internal drawcord. The skirt’s fitness allows you to wear it with a fitting top, and you can tuck in for preference.

Whenever you need a skirt for outdoor fun or travel, yet need the additional scope of shorts, put on the Mova. The skirt is available in five size options, including X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large for preference.

The combination of nylon and spandex provides you with a lightweight, strong, easy to wash, abrasion resistant, and wrinkles/shrinkage resistant. The most amazing feature of the skirt that will impress you is the ability to dry fast after a short burst of rain.

This amazing skirt can be worn during the summer as well as winter, if you want to. However, during winter, you will have to wear it with tights to increase insulation. You will still be able to move freely with or without tights.


  • The nylon/spandex fabric is lightweight, strong, shrink/wrinkle resistant, highly durable, easy to wash, and remarkably quick drying.
  • Polyester mesh, lightweight, and breathable shorts that are incorporated with a small wrapper pocket that can hold your cash or keys.
  • The pull on style skirt has a contoured waistband that offers comfort, and you can use the internal drawcord to conveniently adjust your fit.
  • Available with multiple pockets for storing items, including one snap-flap side pocket, two back pockets, and hand pockets.
  • The skirt’s length of 17 inches is short enough to allow for effective cooling during warmer days.


  • The skirt is available in limited color options for preference.

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Check the price on REI

Royal Robbins Discovery SkortRoyal Robbins Discovery

Price: $20 – $70

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Length: 18 inches

Specific features: 100% other fibers; interior brushed tricot waistband; reinforced barracks at stress points; right zipped back pocket; and quick-drying fabric.

Best use: Hiking, everyday use

Description: This Royal Robbins Discovery Skort will accompany you, in solace and in stride, from an airplane terminal, to shoreline shack destination. Produced using lighter Discovery Elastic Nylon, it feels extraordinary, dries rapidly, wrinkles resistant and goes with you.

This skirt consolidates a beautiful flair with the performance and versatility fundamental for hiking on your most loved trails. The basic Discovery extends nylon textile is made with UPF 50+ security and wrinkle-proof. This lightweight, snappy dry hiking skirt is ideal for your next trip.

This elegant hiking skirt is made of 100% other fiber fabric that is lightweight, abrasion resistant, and wrinkle-free. Apart from the fact that the skirt dries extraordinarily fast, it is the easiest skirt to wash in case it gets dirty during a hike.

The Royal Robbins Discovery Skirt is available in eight color options, including sandstone, dusty coral, jet black, light pewter, navy, wave, and Lt Pewter. Each color gives you a distinctive outfit depending on the top you decide to wear.

The skirt features a rather simple design with a wide and comfortable interior brushed tricot waist that offers a snug fit. It has a back zip that tightens the waist for the desired fit. As far as storage is concerned, the skirt is fitted with a single zipped right back pocket.

For durability, rip-resistance at the edges, and long-lasting usability, the skirt is reinforced with barracks at stress points. It is 18 inches in length, sitting just a few inches above your knees for effective cooling in warm weather.

The Royal Robbins Discovery Skort is one of the most versatile skirts as far as sizes are concerned. It is available in ten size options for a great fit as well as good length. In addition, the skirt is fitted with a slit that offers an accommodating fit for women with bigger hips.


  • The 100% other fibers fabric is lightweight, rip-resistant, wrinkle resistant, and quick dry.
  • The interior brushed tricot waistband offers comfort, and the waist zip offers good fit.
  • The stress points of the skirt are reinforced with barracks for strength and durability.
  • The skirt has a short slit at the back to accommodate women with bigger hips.
  • The skirt offers an elegant outfit with women’s hiking sandals.


  • The skirt has limited storage options with only a single right rear zipped pocket.

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Check the price on Amazon

Columbia SX381 Casual Skort

Columbia SX381

Price: $30 – $70

Weight: 5.2 ounces

Length: 17 inches

Specific features: Omni shield summiteer lite fabric; UPF 50 sun protection; Omni-shield advanced repellency; machine wash; pull on closure; mid-rise; and active fit

Best use: Hiking, travel

Description: This Columbia SX381 Casual Skort  is created to resist rain, stains and UV beams, to guarantee you solace and security throughout the day. With the draw on styling, you can appreciate a simple, consummate fit at any time of the day.

This is a ladylike warm-climate item that will keep you secure and comfortable during hiking trips and regular exercises. An ideal, female basic that functions in the components, this dynamic, elastic skirt features a stain and water repellent development.

The UPF 50 rating of the fabric offers you with continuous sun protection during warm weather. You can hike comfortably in the sun or even sit by the river bank when the sun is on top of you. Basically, the skirt offers skin-smart protection from the sun, all day long.

Columbia professionals are well-known for producing good-fitting skirts for women and they didn’t disappoint with Anytime Casual Skort. The skirt is available in five size options, including X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

The skirt has a perfect fit waistband that sits comfortably on your waist. It is integrated with adjustable drawstring that is tied to the hemline of each side, which allows you to comfortably and conveniently dial in your look.

If you want a hiking skirt that will stretch with you, then the Columbia Anytime Casual Skirt is exactly what you need. The skirt is 17 inches long; so, it stretches just a few inches above your knees. This ensures you get lots of fresh air, especially when the sun is hot.



  • The Omni shield summiteer lite fabric is lightweight, super strong, and stretchable allowing you to move freely during your adventure.
  • The skirt is available in numerous sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large) and color options (black, light grey, tusk, grill, and nocturnal) for preference.
  • The integrated shorts are made of high-quality as the skirt, and they also stretch with your body for a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • The fabric has a sun protection rating of UPF 50 that allows you to hike under the hot sun comfortably.


  • The internal shorts happen to be too short for some ladies.

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Check the price on Amazon

REI Northway Skort

REI Northway

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Length: 18 inches

Specific features: Modern fit; UPF 50 sun protection; quick drying fabric; internal waist drawcord; hidden zip pocket; back and hand zipped pockets; d-ring waist; and side slits

Best use: Hiking, casual wear, everyday use

Description: The REI Northway Skort is a woman’s happy hike skirt for the money. This is a versatile and easy care bottom wear for hiking. The skirt is made with a durable, lightweight, and abrasion resistant blend that features 16% spandex and 84% nylon fabric.

The fabric has 4-way stretching ability that allows for easy movement during addition to the 4-way stretch, the skirt has side slits for easy striding. The skirt’s fabric is well-treated to shed moisture and it is blue sign approved.

The shorts are also made of 4-way stretch fabric for easy movement, especially when jumping from one spot to another. The shorts have a smooth face, fitted leg, and comfy flat seams. If you will be venturing deep woods and rocky terrain, then this is your ideal skirt.

The waist is fitted with an internal waist drawcord that allows you to easily fine-tune your fit. The waist is also fitted with a D-ring that allows you to conveniently attach a rail pass or a bus. The belt loops allow you to wear a belt for good fit and preference.

The skirt is incorporated with zippered back and hand pockets. One of the available hand pockets is fitted with a hidden zip pocket for concealing items. If you will be carrying a number of items that you will frequently need access to during your hike then this is the skirt to buy.


  • Both the skirt and the internal shorts are designed from 4-way stretch spandex/nylon fabric for easy movement.
  • The skirt’s design is integrated with side slits that allow for easy striding and jumping over small streams in the woods.
  • The fabric has a sun protection rating of UPF 50, thus keeping your thighs well-protected from excessive sunlight exposure.
  • The waist is incorporated with an internal waist drawcord for achieving an ideal fit and a D-ring for attaching a rail pass or a bus.
  • The skirt has back and hand pockets along with a hidden zip pocket in one of the hand zipped pockets for storage.


  • You might need a bigger size than the original size if you have bigger hips.

Check the price on REI

The Wrap Up

Every woman desires to look great and when picking a skirt, based on the body type, a complimenting appearance can be discovered. Skirts are a various article of clothing found in numerous ladies’ closets and can be a piece of a style and female outfit.

Two womens wearing hiking skirts are looking at the camera for a picture

To get the right hiking skirt, you first need to be acquainted with the styles of skirt, so that the contrasts between the appearances are clear.

As a general guideline, the skirt you choose should emphasize the best components, be it the long legs or narrow waist, and conceal any blemishes, from broad hips to massive thighs. A few skirts, for example, the pencil or A-line skirt look great on any figure.

You can buy a figure hiking skirt for better comfort, but you just need to know the correct style for your body. With that said, do you think we have missed any resourceful skirt? Did you find what you were looking for?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Kane Dane


  • Sometimes after a hike, my friends and I will make a pit stop at a local bar. While people can obviously tell we’re hikers, I’ve felt a little… underdressed before. My leggings can get dirty on the trail, especially on the ankles. I think the Royal Robbins Discovery Skort checks all my boxes so I can feel more presentable after a weekend in the woods.

  • My girlfriend would love a new hiking skirt for her birthday soon, she’s been talking about it lately. I think I want to get her one that she could wear to work too, so that it’s more versatile. The Prana skirt looks like her style. Does anyone have any experience with it, since it’s pricey?


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