Best Men’s Parka: Keeping Your Cool and Staying Warm at the Same Time

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Written by Kane Dane

Looking for a jacket that will withstand no matter what weather you throw at it? And, at the same time keep yourself cool looking while feeling warm? You should get more familiar with the best men’s parka jackets the market offers. When it comes to purchasing a parka, there ought to be no concessions on either style or warmth.

In any case, there is no reason as to why you cannot get both. There are only a few things you have to consider before you set out your cash; things such as the shell’s material, the sort of filling, if it has a hood or not, the sort of cinches and closures and some other things which we are still going to discuss in this article.

Parkas are items that are necessary for the men’s exemplary closet. Cushioned, lined, and typically completed with fur trim hood, the parka coat is ensured to protect you throughout the winter period.

Whether you are prepared to spend or are attempting to maintain a strategic distance from using up every last cent, today, we are going to reveal to you how to know how to find the right one for you, as well as some of the best models your closet needs. 

Our Top Picks

Product NameMaterialWeightBest UsePrice
The North Face Mcmurdo 100 percent nylon ripstop face textile and hyvent 2L4.1 lbWinter hiking and long winter walksCheck price on Amazon
Luciano Natazzi Down Polyester twill cushioning, an oxford nylon shell and coating4.1 lbWinter hikingCheck price on Amazon
Spyder Vyctor 100% nylon3.9 lbWinter climbingCheck price on Amazon
WenVen Hooded Winter Material-fabric, sherpa wool, polyester 100% lining4.2 lbSnow boardingCheck price on Amazon
Hochock Winter Faux fur4.5 lbWinter travels and winter night hikingCheck price on Amazon
Nobis Shelby Hooded 100% polyester4.2 lbWinter hikingCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Before buying any parka, you should consider what you need out of the it. This means considering the insulation type, what sort of temperatures the parka jacket will be utilized in, the kind of waterproofing needed, and the style and fit of the jacket, etc. Considering these features will help guarantee that you end up buying the right jacket that is perfect for you.


As you keep on searching for a parka to buy, you will see that there are various assortments of insulating stuff available, which can be divided into four kinds. First is fleece and wool. These materials can retain an unobtrusive measure of warmth and work well even when they are wet. They are breathable, which is an imperative thought if you are producing a lot of body warmth while doing some activities like hiking.

Second, thinsulate: This material is utilized as a part of coats where bulk is not desirable, the weave of this engineered insulation is extremely tight, permitting it to trap more warmth while as yet allowing water as sweat to get away, however, it is not very warm unlike down fill or synthetic fill.

Third is Synthetic Fill: For truly warm parkas, it is quite important to sew-in, denser pockets with insulating stuff, which provides parkas with their Michelin Man and bulky look. This material imitates the insulating features of goose down, with the extra advantage of not drenching up water that destroys its capacity to hold in warmth.

And last is Goose Down: The best quality level for insulation is goose down material, which is extremely light, yet sufficiently thick that it traps warm greatly. The drawbacks to goose down are its cost and the way that splashing up moisture causes it to lose its space.

How these insulators are fastened into a parka clothing additionally decides how efficient they function. A cool spot in the parka is made when external and the internal shells come into contact through sewing.

Various Kinds of Parkas

The decision procedure in figuring out what kind of a parka best fits a man’s necessity is really simple. On the off chance that the purchaser has recognized their necessities, the next few processes turn out to be simple.

The proposed usage will tell the purchaser the weight measurement of parka they are searching for, whether they require an adjustable liner or not, and the waterproof extent they require their parka to be.

History of The Parka

For a few purchasers, style is additionally a variable, thus they will need to take a gander at the distinctive brands to know the ones fits well. When hoping to purchase a parka, the primary thing any potential purchaser needs to take note of is the thing that they need from the piece of clothing.

Are they searching for a lightweight coat to wear for part of the season? What sort of climate do they hope to confront while wearing the parka? Do they need an overcoat? Do they need a solitary parka that can be used for every event, or will the individual wear distinctive parkas with various outfits?

The responses to the questions above are what will determine the kind of parkas to purchase


You should decide if a waterproof parka is required and what kind of waterproofing is required. There are some parkas that are waterproof yet breathable. This is a decent choice for people who are doing strenuous exercises in wet environments.

man wearing waterproof parka

There is likewise water repellent fabric. This kind of fabric doesn’t keep water out and also waterproof parkers. Rather, they can repulse water only if the clothing isn’t submerged. Some parker jackets are also made to wick dampness away. This will help to eliminate sweat, thus keeping you dry always.


The parka likewise needs to fit appropriately and should enable you to move without any form of restrictions, especially the jacket will be utilized for outdoor exercises. When considering the fit of a parka, you will likewise need to consider what you will wear underneath your jacket.

A cozy jacket may appear like a smart thought, yet it could be excessively cozy if you can’t fit it over the base layer you want to wear underneath the jacket.


If your major concern is style, you need not to worry. There are numerous parkas that are pretty stylish. They arrive in an assortment of designs and colors.

Men's parka

Numerous parkas are fitted and arrive with belts and some other elements, so don’t worry, you can remain warm while looking good and stylish.


Most parka jackets vary by the amount of warmth they give to wearers. The weather and climate need to be considered. If you want to wear a downy or a coat underneath, at that point, it may not be needful to wear an overwhelming parka, as well.


High-caliber insulation isn’t cheap. It is less sensible to utilize costly materials in a cloth that compromises in different ways. So, great insulated parkers are typically made with some other top notch materials as well and with additional features that gives it more flexibility, warmth and solace bringing about a mid-range to top of the line finished item.

Best Models for Men

In this segment, we are going to review some of the best parka available on the market today and that are good for men. Check out the following Parkas and their great features:

The North Face Mcmurdo

The North Face Mcmurdo Parka Ii

Price: $200 – $350

Weight: 4.1 pounds

Dimension: 26 x 13 x 4 inches

Specific features: Warm and waterproof winter parka, adjustable hood and removable faux-hide brim, presently made with a 2-way front zipper, opposite-coil zips on the midsection, media and side-passage midsection pocket, top-entry Velcro fold pocket

Best use: Winter hiking and long winter walks

Description: The North Face Mcmurdo is a down insulated garment for walking through the city lanes. Within has been stuffed with a550-fill power base, designed to trap heat against your body so as to remain warm as you walk through many blocks.

The outside shell is produced using 100 percent nylon ripstop face textile andHyVent™ 2L, giving 100 percent waterproof assurance from rain, snow, and sleet.

The length of this long parka gives extra scope to your upper legs and covered up in the hood inner compartment is a neck spat for securing your face on frosty days. The hood and the fur brim are removable, which enables you to balance your appearance every day.

To wrap things up, this parka outfit has heaps of pockets. Keep hand warmers, extra gloves, mobile phone, keys, anything you want to bring along with you. Battle frosty temperatures while exploring the urban atmosphere with this furnished and water-resistant 550-fill down parka outfit.


  • Nice interior pockets
  • Tough outer nylon material
  • Warmth
  • Length
  • Waist draw cord
  • Stylish
  • Deep pockets


  • Cold back and arms
  • Not so warm as it looks
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Subpar hood design

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Check the price on Amazon

Luciano Natazzi Down

Luciano Natazzi Men's Down Jacket Thermal Padded Classic Oxford Parka Coat

Price: $140 – $160

Weight: 4.1 pounds

Dimension: 26 × 13 × 4 inches

Specific features: Zip and button front placket, hooded parka with adjustable faux-fur trim,tonal elbow patches, simple care warm mid-layer coat, numerous front pockets, lightly padded jacket, two zipper pockets, double knit collar

Best use: Winter hiking

Description: The Luciano Natazzi Down  is an N-3B propelled parka outfit with polyester twill cushioning, an Oxford nylon shell and coating.

This warm parka comes along with a soft, artificial Mouton lined helmet hood, inset sews sleeves and an adjustable faux-hide strip all over the hood to secure you against the components. Other elements of the men’s parka incorporate drawstring abdomen, oxygen tab, and the shoulder patch.

This down jacket has a standard fit so we suggest purchasing your normal size. Now you can possess a bona fide parka made to a similar top notch standard requested by the US military. Every of this parka is remarkably composed and roused by a notable jacket.

This parka will surely keep you warm in brutal winter climate. It is highly Insulated everywhere. You don’t need a base layer with this parka, you could simply put on a shirt and you could simply go outdoors, like that with the parka. It feels good inside. The external material is tough and yet soft.

It’s a long parka jacket, in a free fit cut, very comfortable to move around and wear it for a longer time frame.


  • Warmth
  • Well insulated
  • Comfortable
  • Nice design
  • Fits perfectly
  • Stylish
  • Big enough
  • Agreeable price


  • A bit heavy
  • Pockets can easily get ruptured
  • A bit too long
  • Some buyers complained about the button threads coming loose after first use.

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Check the price on Amazon

Spyder Vyctor

Spyder Vyctor Parka

Price: $153 – $300

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Dimension: 26 × 13 × 4 inches

Specific features: Longer parka length outline hits at the upper thigh, movable hood opening, fixed hood with custom fitted neckline tab, custom zipper accumulation, full stitched inside body and hood lining, down Proof Nylon Woven, 2-way middle front zipper, Spylon+™ DWR, snap storm placket

Best use: Winter climbing

Description: The Spyder Vyctor is warm and comfortable. They are extremely breathable and are they keep warm and also stop of wet. These parkas are the unsung legends that give protection during winter days on the mountain.

This Parka looks like your grand down coat which utilizes a manufactured 3M Thinsulate Featherless protection, which does not utilize culled quills from fowls.

This imaginatively engineered protection mirrors down’s light and elevated nature, aside from it additionally remains warm when moist, which is vastly improved for winter climate.

This inventive synthetic insulation mirrors down’s light and grand nature, with the exception that it likewise remains warm when wet, which is greatly improved for winter climate. Spyder likewise covered Vyctor’s shell using a snow-wicking Spylon+ DWR treatment for enhanced wet climate security.

The producers of this parka jacket have given a similar consideration regarding the design, performance and fit of their accessories as they have to their other item lines and clarified visual binds to their outerwear collections, thus giving you the opportunity to rule the mountain, starting from head to toe.


  • Warm and well-fitted
  • Handy appended neck gaiter
  • Adjustable fur trim positioned on the hood
  • Utility pocket for gadgets
  • Waterproof


  • Not good for very frosty areas (> – 10⁰C)

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Check the price on Amazon

WenVen Hooded Winter

WenVen Men's Hooded Warm Coat Winter Parka Jacket

Price: $50 – $65

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Dimension: 26 × 13 × 4 inches

Specific features: Material-Fabric, sherpa wool, polyester 100% lining, full-length zipper together with button closure, removable hood, sizes: S-M-L, five big pockets, hues: black and military green, elasticized cuffs, hooded with faux hide trim, perfect thickness.

Best use: Snow boarding

Description: The WenVen Hooded Winter Jacket is an exceptionally nice parka that’s worth its price. It is the best use during the winter period and it is extremely warm and the helmet hood is ideal for cold days.

This parka is a canvas-like material so it is not great for truly soaked or wet climate, but rather awesome for a snowy or dry day – and the faux hide on the hood is looking great, as well as perfect when you possess the hood up at preventing the snow off of you.

This parka jacket features a detachable hide hood and comfy sleeves designed with a versatile sleeve inside, which helps to wick off cold. The zipper closure and stand neckline around the neck can actually get you warm in cold and windy days

This parka jacket comes with 5 large pockets.  4 of which is outside the multifunctional pockets in beneath, one inward, two small pockets in the chest area, good for keeping keys, telephone et cetera.  This parka is indeed a great option for both outdoor and daily life activities such as running, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, golf, climbing, hiking, driving, camping, walking, and so forth


  • Excellent quality
  • Looks great
  • Great size
  • Perfect fit
  • Very warm
  • Perfect hood for snow days
  • Agreeable price


  • The fabric is really thin

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Check the price on Amazon

Hochock Winter

Hochock Men's Winter Lapel Faux-Fur Long Overcoat Parka Coat Outerwear

Price: $60 – $65

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Dimension: 39 × 11 × 3.5 inches

Specific features: Fully lined, regular fit, faux fur.

Best use: Winter travels and winter night hiking.

Description: The Hochock Winter  is produced with faux fur with completely lined. It is warm and soft, and it is the perfect coat to wear in cold winter. This is a decent fur impersonation, yet it is to a greater degree an outfit quality.

This parka coat is because of its lack of breathability. For this parka coat, you will need to move up two times. This coat is tight and stiff and at the same time, it has a minimal padding.

This parka coat is best worn in the frosty weather, for example, traveling via mass travel or a night out. This parka is truly incredible, sufficiently warm and a decent deal for the cost.

This parka won’t blur regardless of how often you wash it. The parka jacket is machine washable, which is simple for you to maintain and clean it. The parka has the layout of thicken cotton covering that will keep your body warm enough. It is a long parka jacket and very comfortable to move around.


  • Warm and soft
  • Great quality
  • Well made
  • Great deal for the price
  • Fun to wear


  • Less breathability
  • Too stiff and tight
  • Too small
  • The eye clasps/hook are too small

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Check the price on Amazon

Nobis Shelby Hooded

Nobis The Shelby Insulated Parka

Price: $700 – $900

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Dimension: 26 × 13 × 4 inches

Specific features: 100% polyester, sympatex membrane laminated, adjustable cuff tab, functional telescope sleeve, windproof protection, unique collar silhouette, seam sealed construction, breathable and waterproof protection, DWR coated

Best use: Winter hiking

Description: The Nobis Shelby Hooded is a down protected parka outfit coat for men. This coat features sealed seams and a DWR finish in order to make you warm and insured against the components.

Moreover, this parka coat features a completely flexible hood for a customized fit. Any individual who acknowledges a very much composed coat will be interested in the Shelby parka coat.

This exemplary military parka outline features durable and functional designs, for example, an exceptionally breathable down resistant free hanging liner, together with overwhelming flexible ribbed sleeves with thumb-hole hollow.

The practical pit zip vents and the2-way zipper can be unveiled to vent off overabundance warmth, while the wind folds with advantageous attractive closures will shield you from cold gusts.

Impervious to frosty climate, and able to convey numerous possession, this parka jacket, is really mid-thigh length for ideal scope. The parka jacket is made of a 100% polyester crosshatch textile with Sympatex membrane cover.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Allows free movement
  • Looks great
  • Good weight
  • Very warm in freezing temperature
  • Very good quality


  • Expensive

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Check the price on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts

That concludes our writing on the best parka models for men. Whether a man needs to reproduce the Mod look or simply locate a comfortable outfit to be worn on a cold day, there is a parka for everybody.

For the individuals who will look sufficiently hard, the first US Army parkas can be discovered, while some people may like the present lightweight parkas. Whatever anyone likes, there is a parka coat that suits their requirements. The way to figuring out what to search for in a parka is realizing the expected use.

Understanding which features address the issues of the user advises the purchaser what they have to search for. Equipped with that information, the buying decision turns out to be simple. If you think we miss any other great parka coat, we would love to see your comment below.


Kane Dane


  • I have a couple of these kinds of jackets and I have just ordered for one more from North Face via Amazon. After confirming the purchase I started thinking about the depth of the pockets. I really hope they are deep enough, and also I hope the fur can be removed.

  • Good news Sam – the fur brim as well as the hood are removable. Well, it has plenty of pockets that can provide additional warmth. The North Face brand is really a trustworthy and they have always provided stellar and innovative products. Great choice of parka! 🙂

  • My old parka jacket has done its time and I am looking to get a new one. I think that WenVen parka jacket would make a nice addition to my hiking gear but what sizing system do they use since it is not an American company? I am always cautious about the size of my hiking gear.

  • Hello Jimmy and thanks for posting your question. A quick look at their site and at Amazon shows specific sizing of a particular clothing. Make sure you examine their size chart.


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