Best Hiking Trips in the World

Written by Wendy Tucker

1.Via Alpina, Switzerland


The Alps are not only one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe, but they’re also one of the most popular spots for hiking. Although there are a number of mountains that can be hiked on their own, there’s nothing quite like climbing a few together and having a barbecue at a vantage point with a breathtaking view.

The Via Alpina is a five-day hiking trail that stretches from Switzerland to Slovenia. The route was formed by 8 different trails which were all brought together to make 5 long-distance paths – blue, red, green, black and yellow. If you only have time for one part, then the section between Sargans and Glarus is the easiest hike with an average of six hours daily.

The trail passes through five different countries, so you can enjoy both Swiss and Italian food along the way. Hiking the Via Alpina is a bucket list dream for many, and for good reason. Being able to tell people that you hiked one of the most epic trails in Europe will open a lot of doors!

2. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and also has one of the best hiking trips in the world. The iconic snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro rises 19,340 feet (5,895 meters) above lowland plains.

There are six different trails to Kili summit; they vary in terms of days needed for completion, cost, and scenery. To scale the mountain’s towering heights, hikers must be prepared for four days of rigorous hiking through distinct ecosystems.

You can travel to Tanzania in many ways. The easiest is by flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport in Moshi, about 40 minutes from the town of Arusha. Another possibility would be to fly to Nairobi in Kenya and then take a domestic flight or bus up north to Tanzania. Visit for more places to visit.

3. Sapa, Vietnam


Sapa is a mountain area in the northern part of Vietnam. The Sapa region in Northern Vietnam is home to magnificent mountain top rice terraces, gentle minorities and quite possibly the best hiking trips around the world. The views along the trails are amazingly beautiful, changing so often you’ll think you’re living in a movie.

The different terrains and weather conditions give rise to temperate forests, coniferous forests, bamboo groves, grasslands and temperate meadows with many species of wild animals and rare species.

This challenging hike to the top of Fansipan Peak, the highest mountain in Indochina, is best done between November and February when other high areas such as Sapa and Dien Bien Phu are still cold and wet. In this wet season, the rice terraces will be green.

The closest airport to Sapa town is Lao Cai (about 100 km). From Hanoi, you can take a train or bus. Upon arrival at the railway station in Lao Cai, take a taxi (if possible with other passengers) or local buses to get to Sapa.

4. The Cotswolds, Great-Britain


Hiking the Cotswolds is one of those experiences that can instantly lift your mood. This hike really has it all, starting off with lush green forests giving way to rolling hills and then suddenly opening up into a grassy meadow surrounded by dry stone walls.

The Cotswold Way starts in Painswick and works its way south to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bath. On the way, you can stay in typical English B&B’s and let yourself be spoiled with an English breakfast in the morning.

The hike is about 164 kilometres long, and will take you between seven and ten days to complete. The trail is of easy to moderate difficulty and lies along a ridge for most part of the route.

5. Mount Kinabalu, Borneo


Mount Kinabalu is an active volcano on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. Standing at 13,455 feet tall, it is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. With wildlife, waterfalls and beautiful pine forest clinging to the slopes of this mountainous expanse, anyone looking for a fun hiking challenge should look no further.

Mount Kinabalu is a popular hike that is located in Borneo, Malaysia and is considered a classic mountain hike in Southeast Asia. This “paradise of mountaineers” contains mountains more than 12 kilometers tall with flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else on earth. Hiking to its summit is no easy task, with climbers ascending more than 10,000 feet in just a day.

6. Mount Everest, Nepal


Hiking Mount Everest; you’ve probably thought about it, but what would it take to find yourself on the world’s highest mountain? It takes a considerable amount of planning and dedication. In fact, hiking Mount Everest is no simple feat.

There are two ways of getting to the world’s highest mountain – from the north side in China or from the south in Nepal. This experience is only possible during the months of March and November as those are the only two times a year when climbing Mount Everest is permitted by Nepal or China.

Many people have passed away attempting to summit the mountain over the years due to altitude sickness, weather conditions, and many other factors. However, with a little bit of planning, you can make your dream of hiking up the 28,839ft mountain become a reality.

7. Atlas Mountains, Morocco


The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are an incredible place to go hiking. They’re not as popular as the Alps or Himalayans, but that makes it a great place for those who want a little bit of adventure and something off the beaten path. Since its close proximity to Europe, going here is also much cheaper than going somewhere more remote.

The Atlas Mountains straddle North Africa and the Middle East, and offer an excellent range of hiking opportunities for all ability levels. Numerous trails wind through the mountains, including a route over the Western High Atlas which offers incredible views from its highest point, 3km above sea level. No list of hiking trips around the world is complete without the incredible Atlas Mountains!

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