Best Fitness Watch for iPhone: High-Quality Health & Fitness Bands for Your iPhone

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Written by Kane Dane

Although, the preinstalled health and fitness apps for iPhone are well made, as is Apple’s reputation, you will agree with me when I say that they cannot entirely outstrip the effectiveness of fitness bands from developers whose specialty revolves around health and fitness.

There are so many health and fitness apps and bands that are available for iPhone. However, not all of them will deliver unmatched performance. In actual fact, there are, some fitness bands that are poor performing compared to the built-in fitness apps for iPhone.

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In light of this, we took it upon ourselves to find the best fitness watch for iPhone models that will certainly offer first-rate performance. Some of these bands have expounded their iPhone compatibility to make good use of the available features.

In this guide, we will give you detailed reviews of our top eight fitness bands that are compatible with iPhone. We will highlight the high-quality features of each product for your consideration.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightDisplaySupported SystemsPrice
Lolg3.2 oz0.96-inch OLEDIPhone and AndroidCheck price on Amazon
Fitbit Alta HR0.8 ozTap displayIPhone, Android, and WindowsCheck price on Amazon
X-Cheng4.8 ozHD display & touch screen controlIPhone, Android, and BluetoothCheck price on Amazon
Polar M4305.8 ozHD displayIPhone, Android, and BluetoothCheck price on Amazon
Arvin Cardio4.8 oz0.95-inch OLED displayIPhone, Android, and BluetoothCheck price on Amazon
Fitbit Charge 21.3 ozLarge OLED displayIPhone, Android, and WindowsCheck price on Amazon
Garmin Vivoactive1.6 ozHD displayIPhoneCheck price on Amazon
Lemfo1.8 oz0.96-inch OLED screenIPhone, Android, and BluetoothCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Apple Inc. has all covered as far as health and fitness apps/devices are concerned. The new Apple’s Health App is a control panel for storing motion data, and other factors that will optimistically help keep you in better shape.

The Apple’s developer framework has changed the experience of iPhone users for the better. You can now integrate a third-party fitness watch with your iPhone for unmatched performance and reliability.

In this section of our guide, we will be covering five of the most important factors to consider before purchasing any fitness watch for your iPhone. You can use this information to learn the basics as well as for future purchases and references.

The Systems Supported by the Watch

From the beginning of this guide, we have been talking about iPhones. However, it is always wise to invest in a device that has multiple uses. This way, you will be able to cut down on cost, especially if you have more than one mobile device from different brands.

Image showing a white fitness watch and an iphone on the table

For this reason, the best fitness watch for iPhone to buy is one that supports your iPhone as well as other systems, such as Android and Windows. Wireless connectivity is also very important, in this case, Bluetooth.

Heart Rate Monitor is a Must Have Feature

It goes without saying that the health of your heart is the most important reason for you to maintain your fitness. And it is usually one of the simplest fitness objectives to meet. So, a heart rate monitor is a feature that must come with the fitness watch you buy.

A heart rate smartwatch lying on black table

Most of the fitness bands found on today’s market come with built-in heart rate monitors, but there are a few that come without. You can also buy a separate heart rate monitor for your fitness watch. We strongly recommend a model with a built-in heart rate monitor.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design

To get the most out of your fitness watch, then you must settle for an ergonomic design that features durable construction and materials. There are so many brands that produce fitness bands, but they certainly differ in quality.

A black fitness tracker for iPhone worn on left hand

The best model should feature a slim profile design that is not only lightweight, but also easy to put on and off. Therefore, the band material should feel comfortable on your skin and the buckle closure should provide a snug fit.

Durability and Water Resistance

The best fitness watch for iPhone has to be made of durable materials, such as high-quality silicone TPU. This way, it will serve you for a longer duration. Your fitness watch will be exposed to sweat and humid conditions; so, it has to be durable.

A green fitness watch worn on right hand after jogging

Water resistance defines the long-term usability of most fitness watches, especially with regard to humid and rainy conditions. For this reason, you will have to settle for a model with high water resistance rating and reputation.

Additional Accessories

There is no single fitness watch that will not succumb to human and environmental conditions, such as dirt, rain, oil, and fingerprints. Therefore, you can improve the performance and durability of your fitness device by buying the necessary accessories.

A closer look of a smartwatch for iphones put on a wooden table

The very first accessory that we do recommend is a compatible screen protector. A screen shield will help to protect your watch’s display from external elements. As a result, you will be able to maintain unmatched display performance regardless of the conditions.

Most models have a matching screen protector from the same brand, but you can always buy a compatible model from a different brand. The second accessory that you can buy is the bands, which are mainly for preference.

Top Product on Today’s Market

What you have learnt so far are the basics, especially if you have limited knowledge of fitness watches. Now, we are introducing you to the best products that we have selected based on features, performance, affordability, and customer ratings.

LOLG Fitness Tracker Lolg IP68

Price: Approx. $70

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Display: 0.96-inch OLED

Specific features: Heart rate sensor, multiple motion modes, automatic sleep monitor, incoming call show, APP message reminder, Bluetooth, iOS and Android compatible

Best use: Swimming, walking, badminton, basketball and running

Description: The LOLG Fitness Tracker is the best watch for sport lovers and can never disappoint in performance. It features LOLG multiple motion modes, such as swimming, basketball, and running.

The numerous sport modes allow you to record the amount of energy consumed during sport exercises.  It is incorporated with a 24/7 LOLG real time heart rate monitor with a heart rate sensor that enables you to track your heart rate every day.

It is waterproof with a rating of IP68 and can be used in a water depth of up to 30 meters. During workouts you can easily access your phone at home by connecting it through Bluetooth. It features a fitness tracker that calculates the amount of sleep daily and waking hours.

This allows you to understand the progress of your health and know the quality of sleep you get. This is a highly versatile fitness tracker that can sync with your iPhone and Android devices. With the LOLG fitness band, you get near perfect performance for the money.


  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Automatic sleep monitor
  • Smart phone notification alerts, messages and calls. By connecting it to your phone through Bluetooth they will be displayed on the screens watch.
  • Multiple motion modes for various activities such as badminton, swimming, running


  • You may face some challenges with the iSO and Android Software.

Related: We recommend you to buy the Oitom Fitbit Alta HR Bands. You can use the bands for preference in case the factory-made bands are dissatisfying.

Check the price on Amazon

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Watch Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Watch

Price: Approx. $130

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Display: Tap display

Specific features: Interchangeable bands, auto sleep tracker, PurePulse heart rate tracker, SmartTrack auto exercise, calorie burn tracker and long life battery of up to seven days

Best use: Running, everyday workouts

Description: The Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Watch features a slim design that gives you a classy look every day during your workouts. It features the PurePulse heart rate that powers all your sleeping stages.

It also automatically tracks the time you spent in light, REM and deep sleep and allows you to improve your sleep quality. The heart rate keeps your health in check by providing you with a better calorie burn count.

You can use different zones, such as fat burn peak and cardio to identify the best workout intensity to reach your goals. You get to improve your health by comparing your heart rate trends when resting to your activities.

It comprises of a battery that has a long battery life of up to seven days, making it convenient for prolonged outdoor training sessions. It incorporates of interchangeable bands that allow you to change your band depending on your preference.


  • Customizable depending on your preference or taste with its interchangeable bands
  • PurePulse heart rate allows you to track your sleeping cycle
  • The heart rate allows you to accurately measure the calories you burn.
  • Heart rate monitor


  • Not waterproof

Related: The manufacturer also sells the Fitbit Alta HR Screen Protector. This IQ Shield Liquidskin screen protector offers superior for your fitness watch.

Check the price on Amazon

X-CHENG Fitness Tracker X-CHENG Fitness Tracker

Price: Approx. $40

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Display: HD display & touch screen control

Specific features: Sports tracker heart rate monitor, IP67 waterproof, camera control, blood pressure tracker, sleep tracker, calorie burnt tracker, heart rate tracker and wrist light screen

Best use: Swimming and running

Description: The X-CHENG Fitness Tracker is a fashionable watch that only weighs 4.8 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to wear. Its fashionable design features an HD display with a touch screen control.

It features a 120 mAh battery that is large in size; charges faster with a PC or USB port and can last you for up to seven days. It is made of a high quality silicone TPU material that makes a more fashionable watch that is durable.

It incorporates of a 0.96 inch OLED large screen that provides with more clarity on display. It features an IP67 level waterproof, its dustproof with a crystal glass to cover the screen. This ensures that the watch stays clean and never gets damaged even in rainy conditions.

It is compatible to your smartphone via Bluetooth support, allowing you to access your phone at home during your workouts. If you are looking for versatility as far as ISO and Android are concerned, then the X-CHENG is the fitness band for you.


  • Durable, waterproof, dustproof
  • Compatible to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • Accurate data on calories burnt daily
  • Lightweight and fashionable


  • The band is a bit small to fit and it is hard to have a clear view in sunny conditions.

Related: You should consider buying the fitness watch along with the Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Protector. The shield will offer the display additional protection from external elements and fingerprints.

Check the price on Amazon

Polar M430 Running Watch Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

Price: Approx. $230

Weight: 5.8 ounces

Display: HD display

Specific features: Rechargeable battery, polar running program, integrated GPS, optical heart rate, 24/7 activity tracker and vibration alerts

Best use: Cycling, swimming and running.

Description: The Polar M430 Running Watch is an advanced model that is suitable for sportsmen or women who want more for their workouts. It features an integrated GPS and accelerometer technology that tracks your pace, route, altitude and distance.

It is incorporated with the polar flow, which is a fitness platform that tracks your workouts and evaluates your improvement. The polar program allows you to plan, sync and examine your workouts in a very effective manner.

It also enables you to identify training inspirations and get to customize the watch depending on your preference. The program also allows you to train for an occasion with personalized plans that are adaptable.

It helps you improve your health with its optical heart rate that tracks your heart rate from your wrist. It incorporates an inbuilt accelerometer that tracks your distance and pace indoors. In addition, this running watch is available in four color options for preference.


  • Rechargeable battery with three different GPS recording options allows you to enjoy 8 to 30 hours of training.
  • Vibrating smart notifications.
  • 24/7 activity tracker tracking your steps, sleep and calories burnt
  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • Durable and waterproof


  • It does not feature a chest band.

Related: Consider buying the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor and the 3X Polar Screen Protector along with the fitness band. The sensor is ideal for sports, and you can use the screen shield for better protection for the display.

Check the price on Amazon

Arvin Cardio Fitness Tracker ArVin Cardio Fitness Tracker

Price: Approx. $50

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Display: 0.95-inch OLED display

Specific features: Real-time heart rate monitor with blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, smart alarm clock, activity tracker, IP67 waterproof, OLED 0.95 inch screen and 110mAh polymer battery capacity.

Best use: Swimming and running

Description: The ArVin Cardio Fitness Tracker is a well-built sport watch that is fun to use during exercises with its amazing design and features. It is not only designed to inform you on time and date, but also acts as a pedometer, steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and calorie burnt tracker.

It features a fitness tracker that can count your walking distance, exercise time and quality of your sleep. This data motivates you to increase your activeness in order for you to achieve all your goals and improve your sleep.

It is compatible with your iPhone. By synchronizing notifications from the phone, it keeps you alerted to your messages, app notifications and incoming calls.

Its real time heart rate monitor with blood pressure monitor provides you with a clear picture of your cardio function and accurate data of all calories burnt. This slim profile and high performing watch is available in four separate colors for your selection, including black-gray, black-red, black-yellow, and gray-white.


  • Compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 system
  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 110 mAh polymer batter capacity allows you to use it for up to seven days without charging.
  • Vibrating smart notifications


  • Only displays in military time.

Related: You should consider buying the Huawei Watch Band Strap along with the Arvin Cardio Fitness Tracker. You can use the strap as a backup and for preference.

Check the price on Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband  Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband

Price: Approx. $130

Weight: 1.3 ounces

Display: Large OLED display

Specific features: PurePulse heart rate monitor, guided breathing sessions, smart-tracker, auto-sleep tracker, multi-sport tracker and connected GPS

Best use: Running, sleeping, everyday workouts

Description: The Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband is a fitness watch that is designed for everyday workouts. It features the PurePulse heart rate that continuously makes it easy for you to intensify your workouts and track the amount of calories burnt.

It is incorporated with personalized breathing sessions based on your real-time heart rate that allows you to find calm moments during the day. It is compatible with your smart phone, allowing you to leave your phone at home and still see your incoming calls, app alerts and texts.

It features interchangeable bands that offer you a classy design during workouts or night outs by allowing you to customize your outfit. It features a connected GPS that allows you to see real-time stats, such as distance on your wrist during running mode.

It features a personalized cardio fitness score that allows you to improve your workouts. It is the ideal fitness band you need for tracking your sleeping and waking up routine.


  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • The heart rate zones such as cardio, peak and fast burn allows you to increase your workouts.
  • The OLED display provides you with a clear view of your texts, email notifications, incoming calls and calendar notifications.


  • The available size may be a bit larger for a smaller wrist.

Related: You should buy the fitness wristband along with the Fitbit Charge 2 Bands to use them for replacement.

Check the price on Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch

Price: Approx. $200

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Display: HD display

Specific features: GPS, elevate heart rate, built-in sports apps, move IQ, high-resolution display, and extended battery life

Best use: Running, everyday workouts

Description: If you are on the market in search of a fitness watch that displays more than just numbers, then the Garmin Vivoactive HR Smart Watch is the ideal smart watch for you. It is the perfect fit for your iPhone; not to mention that it is competitively priced.

It is an all-black watch that is available in three versatile sizes, including the regular fit, regular, and extra-large. At first glance, you will be impressed by the design materials of the watch. The materials used are high-quality and durable.

The high-resolution display is readable in the sun, allowing you to record the appropriate readings regardless of the intensity of the sunlight. The display is integrated with smart notifications qualities, including social media alerts, email, text, and calls.

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a highly resourceful smart watch that does effectively sync with the Connect IQ Store, allowing you to customize the watch with more than one thousand three apps, widgets, data fields, and face design.


  • Elevate Wrist Heart Technology
  • Sync with the Connect IQ Store
  • The GPS functionality allows for numerous built-in sports apps
  • Smart notifications


  • The elevate wrist heart rate monitoring feature is not available during swimming.

Related: You should buy the fitness watch along with the Garmin Vivoactive HR Screen Protector and the Garmin Vivoactive HR Bands. The screen protector is for shielding the display against elements, while the bands are for replacement and preference.

Check the price on Amazon

Lemfo Fitness Tracker Lemfo Fitness Tracker

Price: Approx. $30

Weight: 1.8 ounces

Display: 0.96-inch OLED screen

Specific features: Sleep & heart rate monitor, 0.96-inch OLED screen, APP notifications push, wide compatibility, and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Best use: Running, jogging, everyday workout

Description: The Lemfo Fitness Tracker is the most inexpensive solution for your iPhone. This uniquely engineered fitness band features a slim profile and lightweight design that is easy to operate and maintain. Not to mention that it features durable materials.

This OLED screen fitness band provides you with all the smart technology you need to transform your health. And it is all available at a remarkably inexpensive price tag. It is available in a whole black color that feels comfortable to the touch.

It is integrated with advanced fitness dynamics, extensive smart features, and extended physiological measurements. It is undoubtedly one of the best measuring instruments for recording the number of steps you take on a walk.

The sleep and heart rate monitor features do a great job of providing you with useful data that allows you to know the state of your well-being. The APP Notifications Push feature allows for effortless syncing of incoming calls, SMS, and social media notifications.


  • Sleep and heart rate
  • The LEMFO tracker has a wide compatibility, allowing you to use it with iPhone 7S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4S.
  • APP Notifications Push syncs your social media notifications, SMS, and incoming calls.
  • The innovative OLED display provides you with well-defined digital readings, including Bluetooth and battery indicators.


  • The step function may fail to work.

Related: We recommend you to buy the fitness watch along with the BAYITE Stainless Steel Strap. You can use the strap for replacement and preference.

Check the price on Amazon

The Wrap Up

The Lemfo Fitness Tracker brings us to the end of our best fitness watch for iPhone reviews. Our top eight picks come with high-quality features and failsafe performance.

A person standing on a bridge and wearing a green smartwatch for iphone

Most developers of fitness watches/bands for iPhone want to make money from their devices. But, the brands and models that we have shortlisted and reviewed do truly offer the best performance for the money. In fact, some of them come with additional functionalities.

Now that you know the basics and what defines the best products, we recommend you to buy a fitness tracker with first-rate features, durable design, and have wide compatibility. You will be better off with a device that can sync with your iPhone as well as your Android devices.

Has this information helped you find a resourceful fitness/running/workout watch/band for your iPhone? Share with us your experience, concerns, and suggestions in the comments section below.


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  • The most attractive quality of the X-Cheng Fitness Tracker is the affordability. For less than $50, you get top-quality features and performance.


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