Best Windproof Lighter: Fire it Up Even in a Hurricane

Two arc lighters on a wooden table
Written by Kane Dane

You have to agree with us that whether you are lighting a fire to grill marshmallows, starting up a camp stove, or you have ended up in a true emergency circumstance, getting the best windproof lighter is an absolute necessity when outdoors. While many camping gears can be viewed as a luxury or a perk, a reliable lighter is apparently a standout amongst the most vital pieces of gears you will carry. Ensuring that it is windproof is really the major concern.

What could possibly be more essential than getting a lighter in your outdoor backpack? If you do not have one that is reliable, you may possibly not be able to prepare your food, heat up your water or possibly ignite a good warming fire. Almost all outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and survivalists, have some kind of a lighter in their camping backpack.


But, the question now is, is it reliable? Could you guarantee that it will light up whenever you are in need of it? Nowadays, the market is filled with a wide range of items, produced by many makers, but the question now is how will you be able to discern which item is really a great one?

In this article, we will let you know some essential criteria to consider when selecting a windproof lighter and some of the best models available on the market. So, before the conclusion of this article, you will doubtlessly feel significantly more enlightened as to which product brand will suit you the best.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightDimensionsFuelPrice
Tesla Coil AHDRW4.8 oz4.3 x 2.3 x 1 inElectricityCheck price on Amazon
Single Jet Flame A80NJO4.2 oz1.5 x 1.25 x 4 inButane gasCheck price on Amazon
Pard Dragon8 oz5.7 x 4.7 x 2.1 inElectricityCheck price on Amazon
Five Flags 7CF8M5.2 oz10 x 8 x 6 inButane gasCheck price on Amazon
Nova 402UY5.6 oz4.6 x 3.8 x 1 inElectricityCheck price on Amazon
Padgene Electronic2.9 oz2 x 2 x 2 inElectricityCheck price on Amazon
Single Jet Flame  A3U9XO4.2 oz1.5 x 1.25 x 4 inButane gasCheck price on Amazon
Eternity Flameless Electric7.2 oz4.1 x 4 x 1.5 inElectricityCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

There are some certain factors which you should keep in mind while purchasing a windproof lighter for your daily use. We are discussing some of those factors so as to simplify your purchasing process.

Windproof lighters arrive in an assortment of features designed for various uses. We have already identified the most imperative factors for you to take note of while picking a windproof lighter to address your needs.


When there are more streams, there is definitely a more sweltering flame and which could incite to overheating of the cigar and annihilating its flavor. Not that diverse planes are significantly a horrendous thing.

Flame of a windproof lighter in the winter time

It is generally quicker to come by thicker ring gauge cigar lit with the broader fire provided by multi-stream lighters, and in case you really know how to light cigars, overheating isn’t a problem. So consider the magnitude of the cigars your dad or yourself smokes, and make a wise choice.


Lighters put a lot of energy in pockets such as rubbing up against coins, cutters, keys and other masterminded diverse stuff. A feature that can go up against that kind of mistreatment is irrefutably a tolerable component. A couple of lighters will come along with many confirmations so as to guarantee against this kind of wear and tear. Look for lighters that are unambiguously built and that has quality materials.

Fuel Capacity and Type

Any devotee cigar smoker can tell you that a high fuel limit can depict the lighting period of a real lighter. Remarkable assemble quality, shimmering design and convenience do not mean spit in case you have to drag a compartment of butane around with it. Aside from the fuel capacity, another thing to consider is the fuel type itself.

Two Zippo lighters on a table

Fuel-powered lighters should be refilled when necessary; electric lighters should be recharged. Electrically-powered lighters are actually windproof, yet require better tinder. So, when choosing a windproof lighter, you should go for the one that best suit your need.


Another factor you need to consider is whether you want your windproof lighter to be waterproof. Does your outdoor activity extend to an open water area or into a certain rainy or wet environment? If that is the case, it will be better for you to get a lighter that is not only windproof but also waterproof.

Two Waterproof case for lighter

These types of lighters, are popularly regarded to as “stormproof lighters.” However, if you are not interested in getting a storm proof lighter, you can also get one that is both water-resistant and waterproof or the type that is only windproof.


A standard windproof lighter needs refilling from a pressurized jar of butane once its canister is vacant. The refilling procedure, which has been explained above, is quite simple and takes just a few moments. Once these windproof lighters have an issue with their electric ignition framework, however, there is normally no savvy approach to solve the issue, and they should be disposed of and supplanted.

A normal arc flame lighter needs charging by means of USB after various uses; some last more, while some last less time. The benefit of these lighter models is that their source of fuel is promptly plentiful, however, a detriment is that they often lose their charge after some time, while a butane windproof lighter, for instance, holds its fuel for a considerable length of time.

outdoor-windproof-lighter on the ground

Try to keep the range between the lighter’s hubs spotless and free of lint or some other debris. Of cause, there is a fire risk with a lighter. The notable Zippo lighter is the most fundamental item that falls into the category of windproof lighter. They utilize normal material wicks and blaze fluid fuel, and of course, it is their physical design and not their fuel or burner, that gives them the windproof feature.

The little holes drilled into the windscreen outline around the wick enable wind to go around the flame, which therefore causes it to flicker and dance, yet does not take into enable straightforward exposure to a blast that could stifle the fire. Windproof lighters look awesome and function admirably in dry conditions, however, they require greater maintenance, with the flint and wick requiring regular substitution and the refueling procedure being included and sporadically messy.

Top Product Reviews

One of the ideal ways to locate the best and the right windproof lighter is to search for the reviews of individual that have really purchased lighters. One of the primary things to take a gander at is the maker. A good maker makes windproof lighters that are reliable, durable and can function well in survival circumstances. Here are some of the best models to consider.

Tesla Coil AHDRWTesla Coil Arc Lighter

Price: Approx. $25

Dimension: 4.3 x 2.3 x 1 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Specific features: No flame, no hassle, no butane, truly flameless and windproof technology, USB rechargeable, a full charge can take you up to one week or 100-300 uses, 1 Lithium ion battery required, safety lid feature

Best use: Outdoors, camping

Description: The Tesla Coil AHDRW Arc Lighter make a line of incredible items together with their USB lighters. This windproof lighter is well known as a basic arc lighter that features one arc utilized for lighting anything you need to light.

This is an exceptionally simple to utilize lighter, and may be one of the best electric lighters accessible. The mother of creation is a necessity, and a couple of things have impelled human headway more than bridling the force of the flame.

Make the next stride with Tesla Coil Lighters close by – the cutting edge answer for conventional lighters, since who has room schedule-wise to complain with butane, sit tight for a fire, or bumble with start wheels?

Fashion your way into the future close by Tesla Coil Lighters, where we light the route with creative electric lighters intended for the present day world. These electric lighters are easy to utilize, protected, solid, flameless and in this manner really windproof, with smooth and refined outlines that are certain to get the attention and start a discussion.


  • Windproof
  • Great technology built in
  • A great source of fire when outdoors


  • Not big enough for cigars
  • Not for use with pipes

Related: The Tightpac America TV3-SBK Storage Container is a small container that will hold your smaller items that cannot get wet. For example, it can store a lighter, food, and anything else you can think of. It works great with this lighter because it won’t get wet or get water inside of it.

Check the price on Amazon

Single Jet Flame A80NJO Single Jet Flame A80NJO

Price: Approx. $10

Dimensions: 1.50 x 1.25 x 4 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Specific features: Single fire, angle torch lighter, refillable and windproof, flame adjustable, five pack – includes 1 of every color pictured

Best use: Camping, fishing, hunting, et cetera.

Description: The Single Jet Flame A80NJO Torch Lighterr is a standout among the fantastic performance models on the market. It arrives in a liberal bundle of an aggregate five jet flame lighters. All the five lighters have vast refillable canisters intended to be more solid than most different models.

Moreover, the lighters create a single fire that resists every climate condition. As a result of their calculated ergonomic outline, they are very easy to utilize anyplace, shut or open.

So, you won’t need to hunker awkwardly or squander your matchstick when lighting the chimney or outdoor fire. Lastly, since the lighters are strongly built, they are sturdy to boot and their adjustable flames take into account customization.

Another thing to take into account is the size of this lighter, which is big, and you can choose your own colors to match your personality. Most users like that this model is big, windproof, and affordable for a 5 pack!


  • 5 pack jumbo lighters
  • Choose your own color
  • Adjustable flame


  • Can malfunction after lots of use
  • Some of them can make a hissing noise when you are using them

Related: When you need to add more fuel to your lighter, the Zippo GFTD6 Butane Fuel is a 5.82 oz bottle that costs just over $7. You can take this little bottle with you anywhere for when you need fuel outdoors.

Check the price on Amazon

Pard Dragon Pard Dragon Arc Lighter

Price: Approx. $20

Dimension: 5.7 x 4.7 x 2.1 inches

Weight: 8 ounces

Specific features: Windproof, flameless, no gas and liquid required, ignition by touch button, can be held on flight, USB charging port.

Best use: Camping, backpacking.

Description: The Pard Dragon Arc Lighter is an amazing lighter for all outdoor activities. This lighter is a USB rechargeable lighter, which some great features such as windproof, flameless, security, and energy-saving no gas/ liquid required and can be kept on flight mode. This is a fast and simple-to-operate lighter which can be ignited by simply pressing the touch button.

This lighter has a USB port which aids the charging of the system. Simply charge by means of USB for about 2-3hrs and you are set to use the lighter at whatever time and in any place.

Furthermore, this model can be recharged by using an android charging line and the high-temperature resistant ceramic cathode head make it protected and long lasting. It is highly windproof and functions well under any climate condition.

Users like this lighter because not only is it windproof like the others, but it does not require any gas or liquid. It is easy to light with the touch of a button, and the best part is that it can be charged over and over again!


  • Rechargeable
  • Long lasting
  • Works in many climates


  • Have to use it close to the item you want to light
  • Cannot start tinder with it

Related: You may find that you need another charger for this if you lose yours. The Cablor VS1-CBCL011B Replacement USB  is a 2 pack of replacements for under $6. This is great for this lighter if you lost or need a new USB cable!

Check the price on Amazon

Five Flags 7CF8M Five Flags 7CF8M

Price: Approx. $8

Dimension: 10.0 x 8.0 x 6.0 inches

Weight: 5.2 ounces

Specific features: Windproof torch lighter, adjustable flame, refillable with normal butane, comes in five hues i.e. blue, red, green, gray and black.

Best use: Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities

Description: The Five Flags 7CF8M Torch Lighter are just the piece of gear you need to put your backpack for camping, hiking and other some other activities. They incorporate a flame which is customizable and they are refillable with normal butane.

You won’t need to stress over that bothersome wind any longer when you are attempting to construct a pit fire when you have these windproof lighters close by. They arrive in five distinct colors i.e. black, red, blue, green, and gray and you can retain a few of them in your camping kit so as to always have them close by

You can buy these anywhere from a 5 pack to a 100 pack, so you will always have a lighter ready to go! Users who have purchased this like the adjustable flame, the fact that it is easily refilled, and the array of bright colors in which they can choose from.


  • Adjustable
  • Can choose from a variety of pack sizes
  • Affordable


  • The most it is used, the less reliable it is
  • Some can malfunction

Related: You will need to refill these lighters, so using the Colibri Premium Butane Refill will help you keep the flame going for under $13! This little bottle can go outdoors with you so you can fill up your lighter to start up a fire for dinner!

Check the price on Amazon

Nova 402UY Nova 402UY Lighter

Price: Approx. $17

Dimension: 4.6 x 3.8 x 1 inches

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Specific features: Nova dual arc lighter, windproof, USB rechargeable,

Best use: Windy weather, camping, outdoor activities

Description: The Nova 402UY Lighter is certainly another electric windproof lighter model that stands out among the best lighters on the market. It has an upgraded design that gives double the warmth power, of almost all other single curve lighters.

Accordingly, it emerges as a high caliber electric frill in giving predominant windproof lighting functions. It arrives in gunmetal dark and with its exquisite external look awing numerous users. Also,this lighter features a fast-speed USB port that enhances the quick battery charging. Its implicit battery is sturdy, while an included light indicator lets users know when the power is getting low.

However, you should make sure that you purchase an original model from reliable buying stores so as to avoid getting fake ones.  You should also have a good understanding of what you purchase. This is on the grounds that you may end up lamenting for your own carelessness for detail.

When you are planning on purchasing the NOVA windproof lighter, you should be certain that most importantly you are living in places where there is steady electricity. However, aside from that fact that it utilizes electric-powered battery only, every other part of this lighter is amazing. It is, therefore, an awesome windproof lighter to view and use.


  • Under $20
  • Electric
  • Rechargeable


  • Makes a noise when using it
  • Arcs can stop working

Related: If you are looking for something more tactical, the RUIMX SF088-DD Flashlight is a lighter with a flashlight built right in! You can use this for an array of outdoor reasons like starting a fire for cooking your meal!

Check the price on Amazon

Padgene Electronic Padgene Electronic Arc Lighter

Price: Approx. $20

Dimension: 2 x 2 x 2 inches

Weight: 2.9 ounces

Specific features: Windproof, flameless, no gas/liquid required, safety, energy-saving, can be kept on flight mode, connect to DC 5V USB adapter or PC for charging, LED indicator, inbuilt battery can be charged and discharged up to 500 times

Best use: Cigar smoking, outdoors

Description: The Padgene Electronic Arc Lighter is an amazing windproof lighter, which is designed with a Chinese Dragon logo. This lighter produces a flameless electric arc when being used.

While completely charged, it can last long for up to 500 uses. Once the power is getting low, all you need to do is just plug it into fully charge the battery for up to 2-3hrs. The LED indicator will let you know when the battery is completely charged.

This windproof lighter is, without doubt, another astounding double arc lighter option and it arrives in some great design. This electronic windproof lighter by Padgene is an exceptionally amazing piece of gear.

Likewise, this windproof lighter arrives in a variety of designs and colors incorporate a Chinese Dragon which is exceptionally cool. If you are hoping to buy one of the best lighters, you might need to take a look at this one.


  • Flameless and easy to use
  • Under $20
  • Rechargeable


  • Takes hours to charge
  • Can start smoking on its own, defective

Related: Charge your lighter in the car with the BlueFire 8Z958B Socket Charger that’s about $12 and has a blue color to it. This is great for when you are heading to the great outdoors and forgot to charge your lighter!

Check the price on Amazon

Single Jet Flame A3U9XO  Single Jet A3U9XO

Price: Approx. $12

Dimension: 1.50 x 1.25 x 4 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Specific features: Jumbo 4 inches tall, single flame side torch gun lighter, flame adjustable, refillable, 4 pack – incorporates one of every color pictured

Best use: Camping, fishing, hunting, et cetera.

Description: Unlike other lighter models, the Single Jet Flame A3U9XO Torch Lighter, comes with models that are 4 inches tall, and accompany a flame-side feature. Users of this windproof lighter can set the flame and then re-fill the lighter on the off chance that it runs dry.  It utilizes butane gas and produces a blue-like jet flame. It goes to a 4-pack bundle where every compartment has a distinct color.

This 4 pack of butane lighters has windproof lighters and single flame, so you will have the capacity to have the light you require, even outside. The flames produced by these lighters can be adjusted, and the lighters themselves can be refilled effectively with normal butane. These amazing windproof lighter will not disappoint you with their capacity to provide you with a hot flame, even in windy conditions.

Users like this set of lighters because not only do they get 4 at once, but they come in many colors and are big. The torch flame ensures things get lit and you can easily refill them when needed!


  • Affordable for a pack of 4
  • Colorful and jumbo sized
  • Refillable


  • Hard to refill
  • Some will not work at all

Related: Refill your new lighters with the Ronson 99146 Butane Refill which is a 2 pack that holds 2.75 oz each. Your lighter can fire up anything when you refill it with this bottle, that you can stuff into your pack and go!

Check the price on Amazon

Eternity Flameless Electronic LighterEternity FCX9PS Lighter

Price: Approx. $16

Dimension: 4.1 x 4 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 7.2 ounces

Specific features: Windproof, extra-fast and intense flameless eco-dual arc, USB cord, drawstring carry bag, cleaning bag, rechargeable, environmental, pocket-friendly, exquisite and classy design

Best use: Camping and outdoors

Description: The Eternity Flameless Electronic Lighter  is a special present idea for any event. Perfect gift for a father, sibling, spouse, boss and so on. Unlike plastic, inexpensively looking windproof lighters, the Eternity lighter is accessible in 3 exemplary colors of durable dark, gold, and silver.

This lighter is an electronic pulse arc lighter and is a necessary gear for any smoking devotee; its portable size enables you to retain it all the time in your pocket, prepared to make the best form of impression with your companions and visitors; put it in the matching dark drawstring pack and use the encased brush anytime the lighter needs to be cleaned.

Users like this lighter because it is electronic, and rechargeable, plus it’s under $20! The gold color stands out and it makes a great lighter for you or for a friend as a gift! It comes with a USB cord so you will be ready to go upon arrival!


  • Under $20
  • Has a USB cord and brush
  • Electronic, flameless


  • Can come without 110 volts to charge
  • Only 3 color choices of gold, black and silver

Related: If you are firing up a grill outdoors, consider the Nomoremess Screen For Frying & Cooking Pans which is stainless steel and will prevent messes and burns from grease! Your new lighter will fire your grill right up where you can use this screen to avoid getting burned.

Check the price on Amazon

Concluding Thoughts

Okay, now we have covered everything. Now you know that choosing the best and the right windproof lighter is imperative, particularly in case you are hoping to embark on outdoors for a long session. The outdoorsmen and campers require something reliable, lightweight, and steady, and one of the ideal approaches to discover which the best model is through experience.


When checking through the reviews of lighters, it is quite easy to find out that some lighters function admirably during specific conditions, while there are some other ones that are unmistakably low quality but are cost-effective. Nothing can be of more prominent than a windproof lighter particularly during terrible climate or while exploring nature.

For example, campers will surely be in need of a model like the single jet flame, if they need to light a campfire without humiliation. However, not every windproof lighter model is good. While some are more noteworthy than others, you will scarcely locate any other ones like the above highlighted, best ones.

So, when you are willing and able to get a new, reliable model, you can trust the ones you like the most among them. For further recommendations or suggestions, you can leave us a comment below.


Kane Dane


  • Wow! These exist? Never knew that. Will the coil plasma ones limit what I can light? Since only small twigs I can insert into the plasma crossroads? And even if I get them lighted, won’t they get blown out by the wind then?

  • You may feel limited by what you can light with coil lighters. If you are lighting small twigs, then you should be able to light them without a problem. You may want to wait for larger gusts of winds to die down, however.

  • For a camper or hiker or a backpacker, I suggest that a re-fillable lighter will suits effectively. If anyone interested can go for a rechargeable lighter. But the battery will not last for long time when time passed by. This is true experience.

    • While this can be true, many lights do work well that do recharge. However, one that is refillable is great too


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