Top Outdoor Equipment for Playing Sports in the Wild

Written by Wendy Tucker

Playing sports is a very effective way of strengthening your body and getting into shape. Like most of us, you have probably spent the better part of two years locked down inside your house, reluctant to go out lest you contract COVID-19 or some other viral infection. If this is true, then it’s very likely the case that your health has taken a turn for the worst and you need to get in shape.

If you aren’t interested in conventional sports like basketball and football, it’s important for you to know that there are many others for you to choose from. This article will break down and explore this subject, taking you through a list of “wild” sports you can play, and the equipment that you need for them:

Airsofting – Airsoft Gun


Airsoft guns aren’t the first thing that the mind conjures up when one thinks of sports equipment. Airsofting, however, is a very popular combat sport. It bears many similarities to paintballing, although it’s often far more intense. Airsoft guns range in price, depending on the quality of the gun that you purchase. You don’t need to have friends that airsoft to get involved, because there’s a huge airsoft community. According to AGMS, you can also use them for hunting. You can visit to learn more about this. If you are looking for a sport that’s exhilarating, fast-paced, and very enjoyable, then airsofting definitely deserves your consideration.

If you do intend on airsofting, then it’s important that you take your safety seriously. Because the sport involves firing projectiles, there’s always a danger present that one could get hit somewhere in the face, resulting in potentially serious injuries. In addition to an airsoft gun, you should buy protective equipment.

Paintballing – Paintball Gun


Paintballing is a more toned-down version of airsofting, more popular with younger people. With that said of course, as a combat sport, paintball can be very intense and does have a very large following. If you intend on paintballing, you can either join a club or you can attend a venue that’s open to the public. Paintball parks allow anybody entry, provided that they have a weapon and protective equipment. It’s possible to rent protective equipment and weapons from most paintball venues, though it’s best to book your equipment in advance, in case there isn’t any available when you arrive. Check for more help.

As with airsofting, it’s very important that you take your safety seriously. Paintball injuries can hurt very badly. You need to make sure that you wear protective equipment to cover your eyes and mouth. You don’t want to get paint fired into your eye or mouth, because it could lead to serious injury.

Skateboarding – Skateboard­


Skateboarding isn’t necessarily a “wild” sport, but it is an extreme one that has a cult-like following, just like paintballing and airsofting does. Skateboarding is a sport that most people are already very familiar with and involves riding a skateboard fast, in order to perform tricks or to go up and down ramps. Skateboarding, like all sports, can be dangerous, which is why it is essential that you wear protective equipment. If you like extreme sports, then you could take up street skateboarding as opposed to vert boarding, the latter being skateboarding inside skateparks, while the former involves riding rails, staircases, and urban environments. Some skateboarders take their boards out into woodland, where they ride through hilly areas, use trees as objects to perform tricks on, and ride hiking trails. This is definitely something that you should consider if skateboarding stands out to you, but you want to make it a little wilder.

Free Climbing – Climbing Boots


Free climbing is one of this list’s wildest sports. It is essentially mountain climbing, except without any equipment, save for a good pair of climbing boots. If you intend on taking up free climbing, then you need to make sure that you are in good physical condition. If you can’t support your body weight and aren’t strong, you won’t be able to pull yourself up and support yourself when you are climbing. This could result in you falling and injuring yourself, or worse, killing yourself. This is unfortunately very common among inexperienced climbers.

Cycling – Bicycle


Bicycling is an outdoor sport. It’s also perhaps the best sport for you on this list, in terms of health. Cycling can significantly improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary health, as well as strengthen your body and tone your muscles. Anybody can get involved with cycling, as long as they have a bicycle. It’s a great way to get around too if you are concerned about the environment and don’t want to contribute to global pollution, which you do every time that you go out in your car. In addition to looking after the environment, you also look after your health. There are no limits on cycling – you can go wherever your heart takes you.

If you are going to take up cycling, then make sure that you wear protective equipment. Every year, thousands of cyclists are killed because they do not take precautions before setting out on the road. It’s very well known that road users can be very irresponsible when they are driving around cyclists, either out of contempt, frustration, or negligence. Don’t take any chances with your health. Cycling should be fun, not deadly.

Kayaking – Kayak


Kayaking is a very popular water sport. Kayaks are very similar to canoes. A very wild, and popular form of kayaking is white-water kayaking. You can also practise freestyle kayaking. The intensity of the water that you are riding on determines how wild, and how intense, your kayaking experience is. If you would like to try a rugged, fast-paced body of water, then make sure you are wearing protective equipment and know what you are doing. It’s not at all safe if you are an inexperienced kayaker to set out on a fast-moving river because it could result in you being seriously injured.

If you want to try something new and are bored by the idea of traditional sports, why not try something a little more wild? If you do intend on practising a sport that is listed on this page, make sure that you take your safety seriously and take the necessary precautions to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.


Wendy Tucker


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